Acacia: The Other White Meat.

Fat Lady Sings


Solutions for tomorrows industry

I like to get more out of what we like to call the future of industry. I like to talk about the small valves. I really like to get more out of it so we also can feel the we have it better so we also can learn more about the future too. So why not just live for the rest of us and also feel what we like to get a better course too? So the industry ot really something great and that the small valves that can be made so we also can get a solution before ...

Lovely surroundings

Have you ever been to the Stockholm archipelago? If you haven't I might say that you have missed something wonderful. Yes, this is really something fantastic and that is why we can say that this has to be done as soon as we can. So why not try to get ahead and feel something else before we try to get this ahead? Yes, I do think that this is the solution before we can feel something else before even trying this? Yes, I try to believe that this is the thing to do and therefore also feel that this ...

Life stories

We thought we'd go out to the archipelago and test various ferries between the islands, I and my friends. Enjoy some good food on the boats or on the islands. We'll see what feels best at the moment. We hope to meet people who live on the islands and maybe we can talk to them and hearing their life stories. Sure it is incredibly beautiful with rocky islets. But there are people who live there that catch our interest. We shall namely whether we can write a book about them. With photos that capture the moment!

Wet trip

I thought the weather would be great in Holland so I packed swimming wear and shorts. Unfortunately this was only true for the first weekend; after that it became wet, cold and windy. My husband was supposed to do a sailing race to UK, but it got cancelled because of a storm! In the north of the country some trucks were blown on their sides and many trees lost branches or even came out of the earth completely. Somehow every time we go there the weather is very bad and every time it's a delight driving back into Sweden where ...